Pure Organic Tomato Ketch’up with no added sugars

An organic Ketch’up with no added sugars – it’s so flawless it should be given out on prescription! OK, we may have gotten a bit carried away with our introduction. but it’s only because we managed to find the perfect alternative for a healthy recipe with no compromise on flavour. To achieve this, we relied on the natural sweetness of tomatoes and a dash of apple juice. With red pepper, onions, a few spices and a lot of love, we managed to create a recipe packed with flavour. Finally, you’ll be able to get anyone yammering on about ketchup’s unhealthy ingredients to put a sock in it. With all the vitamin goodness of tomatoes and ingredients grown according to organic farming standards, it seems that our product cannot be faulted!


We almost systematically imagine ketchup as a condiment that goes with meat or in a burger. However, it can also be used as a kitchen aid to add a sweet touch to your favourite dishes. If you haven’t yet tried a filet mignon marinated in ketchup, we highly recommend it. Pasta with ketchup and fresh basil can also be a hit with young and old alike.
Tomato concentrate (24%)*, concentrated apple juice*, water, Aquitaine tomato (16%)*, red pepper*, onion*, spirit vinegar*, salt, spices*.
Energy 453 kJ Calories 107 kcal Fats 0 g Saturated Fats 0 g Carbohydrates 26 g Sugars 24 g Protein 2.1 g Salt 1.2 g


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roudly produced in the south-west of France


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