At Marcel Senchou, there’s only one word on our lips: “flavour”.
And it’s been that way for a long time! 

In 2023, we decided to put flavour in all your recipes with our iconic prepared condiments.

We put joy into your dishes, your taste buds, your cooking habits and, above all, your friends!

Our story begins in ...


Our story begins in Casseneuil, in the south-west of France. MARCEL SENCHOU launches his range of premium canned fruits and vegetables.


Senchou goes international! MARCEL SENCHOU starts expanding at top speed, selling his products all over France and abroad.


Jacques and Jean, Marcel's sons, take over the family business. They continue to pursue innovation and move into sweet products, making their first jams and fruits in syrup.

1989 - 2018

LA PATELIERE a brand specialising in pastry products, gradually takes over Marcel SENCHOU and relaunches the brand. Also based in the south-west of France, LA PATELIERE continue to preserve many of the secret recipes behind our famous ketchups. The takeover is a success!


For more than 130 years, Senchou has got to know vegetables inside out! Initially produced in canned format, we had the idea of using these vegetables to make a range of ketchups and add a new twist to your recipes, without changing them altogether; that’s the magic of a little condiment that makes a big difference. From father to son, Senchou has become an SME, 100% French and proud of it!


SENCHOU’s secret ingredient? It’s just good sense. With us, recipes are simple and well-made, with no need for additives or preservatives. We offer you an organic range certified by ECOCERT with no added sugars, expressing all the natural flavours of our vegetables. You can tell that from the field to the plate, staying close to nature is our priority.